Monday, August 31, 2009

First post from the road!

Andy and I are currently in umpqua lighthouse state park in our deluxe yurt. It is considered deluxe because it has a kitchen and bathroom but we didn't know until we arrived that it also has it's own personal deck and yard area, complete with BBQ!

We ventured into the nearest town last night, feeling lazy after the drive and looking for a place that would serve us food. Making sandwiches didn't appeal to us at the time. We came across a Thai food place in Winchester Bay (pop less than 1000) called Tah Tongs or something close. Being the good yelpers ( has saved us from making bad decisions many times) we used yelp but it wasn't reviewed by anyone. Next we looked in urban spoon which only told us that out of 23 people who reviewed it, 69% liked it. So we figured we would take our chance because it looked busy and well in business. We parked, got close to the door and saw a sign for video keno. Then we heard the clink of glasses and when we hit the door we realized it was packed full of people drinking and playing keno. There were only 2 people in the restaurant. We ditched and ended up going to a Chinese restaurant a town over that was a six out of ten. Bottomline? If you come to umpqua bring your own food there also aren't any grocery stores nearby so definitely bring your own food.

When we were staying at fort Stevens, our first night and stop before umpqua, our neighbor was perhaps drunk and, walking around the campsite without a flashlight, managed to fall into the 2 1/2 foot tall firepit. Which was coupled with a loud expletive echoing through the very packed park. We were trying to snicker quietly but I'm not sure how successful we were. When we got to the Fort Stevens campground neither of us had ever seen so many kids on bikes. All of the sites were huge and many people were using them as group sites. At one, we saw a pile of 11 bikes and at another we saw a ring of 17 camping chairs, all squished in around the fire pit. The chaotic tenting area was in direct opposition to the spaced out, calm, "adult" ( Andy coined), looking yurt village. Because of this, Andy said that he felt odd being the only couple in the "kiddie" campground without kids.

The front yard of our Umpqua deluxe yurt.

The main room of the yurt.

Andy in the yurt kitchen.

The yurt bathroom.

Driving into Oregon.

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