Saturday, February 28, 2009


I want to achieve something that looks more similar to the first photo, but the second photo really shows the birds. There are birds in the first photo too but it's a bit hard to see them. I've found where I can order the little silk birds with the wired feet so they'll stay on the branches, and I've found the tutorial on how to make the little flowers to put on the sticks too!

We'll want flowers on the table in some way too, but I think that this stick thing fits perfectly with our color palette (blue, green, brown and white) and we can make them ahead of time before the wedding. Score!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I should be working on a paper that is due tomorrow, but...

Here is a photo that I found that gave me an idea... (upper right portion of the photo that is- I was too impatient to wait for PhotoShop to open so I could crop it correctly). By the way, all of these photos can be clicked on so you can see them in their full-format glory, if you haven't already figured that out.
Well I think those "placemats" look a bit like these dishtowels from IKEA:
They're only $2.50 for four of them. They're blue and therefore match our colors, and I think they might be cool draped across the table like the French do in their cafes. Sure, the French usually do it with an actual placemat, but maybe people won't really realize these are actually dish towels. Maybe? I think they're very 'wedding reception held in a barn with BBQ"-looking.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Post! (and pics)

Edited to add above photo- See what the poofs Martha Stewart made look like? Where the heck do I find tissue paper in those colors?

So here is the first photo. We wanted to hang something from the rafters of the barn, but those paper lanterns that everyone seems to use are quite pricey. Well, more expensive than I would have thought. So I found out how to make these tissue paper poofs, and it's really easy, and should be quite cheap! Plus, there are a ton of neat tissue papers. I really want to use some of the paper Anthropologie gives you to wrap glasses, etc. Maybe if they have some in our colors I could find a way to buy it from them in bulk...

This little guy is one of six little photo holders that Andy and I found at the Bookstore. They were 60% off before our employee discount too!

Below: RSVP Cards!

These are postcards that I got on Ebay. We got 137 of them, and 37 are used but the others we're going to use as RSVP cards. They all have birds on them, in a million different styles. Andy and I really liked reading through the messages on the 37 used ones... our favorite is the postcard in the second picture. The card in the first photo is from 1911, and we've discovered that most of the 37 were sent before zip codes existed. Two of the styles, one with a seagull the other with a pelican, both have clever "poems" on them. The seagull one is in the third photo.

I'm going to begin to try to post more regularly on here, and I'm going to try to start sharing some of the links we've been enjoying when it comes to planning this whole shindig!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Morning Goodwill Goodies

So here's what we got at Goodwill on Friday! Above is the $5 picnic basket which we think we're going to use to organize the programs. We could definitely use it after the wedding too!

We also started to collect vases for the table centerpieces. Maybe you can already tell, but one of our colors is green... The two larger vases were $2 a piece and the smaller cup was $1.

Here's the larger collection of our finds. There are still a few things missing though. I don't want to let everyone know all of the wedding secrets! The enamel vase on the top cost us a measly $3, the blue vase on the left was $2, and the one on the right was half off, for only $1!

On Friday Andy and I also visited the wedding venue with our parents. The barn was recently flooded from the insane flooding in the valley in mid-January. There was a lot of clean-up action going on which put us off at first, but then we found out that the park host knows my family, and works at the tribe's food bank! Through the food bank he knows my aunt, uncle, and grandpa. The flood water line in the barn was about 4.5 feet up the wall!

Walking across the park's suspension bridge was an interesting experience too. My mom and Sandy (Andy's mom) kept insisting that Andy and his dad (Albert) were making the bridge sway, but they swear they weren't. The yurts were cute- they all have their own little decks and porch lights. When we were there I think I spotted the sight for the ceremony but I want to go back for another look in about a month or so. Something about the valley area feels very homey to me. It's beautiful, and I can't wait to have our wedding there!


First Post

Hello to all who are reading this:
This is going to be where Andy and I blog about our wedding-planning journey. Hopefully there are going to be a ton of pictures, links, etc. Be sure to comment on our posts so we know who's listening in!