Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Post! (and pics)

Edited to add above photo- See what the poofs Martha Stewart made look like? Where the heck do I find tissue paper in those colors?

So here is the first photo. We wanted to hang something from the rafters of the barn, but those paper lanterns that everyone seems to use are quite pricey. Well, more expensive than I would have thought. So I found out how to make these tissue paper poofs, and it's really easy, and should be quite cheap! Plus, there are a ton of neat tissue papers. I really want to use some of the paper Anthropologie gives you to wrap glasses, etc. Maybe if they have some in our colors I could find a way to buy it from them in bulk...

This little guy is one of six little photo holders that Andy and I found at the Bookstore. They were 60% off before our employee discount too!

Below: RSVP Cards!

These are postcards that I got on Ebay. We got 137 of them, and 37 are used but the others we're going to use as RSVP cards. They all have birds on them, in a million different styles. Andy and I really liked reading through the messages on the 37 used ones... our favorite is the postcard in the second picture. The card in the first photo is from 1911, and we've discovered that most of the 37 were sent before zip codes existed. Two of the styles, one with a seagull the other with a pelican, both have clever "poems" on them. The seagull one is in the third photo.

I'm going to begin to try to post more regularly on here, and I'm going to try to start sharing some of the links we've been enjoying when it comes to planning this whole shindig!

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