Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I should be working on a paper that is due tomorrow, but...

Here is a photo that I found that gave me an idea... (upper right portion of the photo that is- I was too impatient to wait for PhotoShop to open so I could crop it correctly). By the way, all of these photos can be clicked on so you can see them in their full-format glory, if you haven't already figured that out.
Well I think those "placemats" look a bit like these dishtowels from IKEA:
They're only $2.50 for four of them. They're blue and therefore match our colors, and I think they might be cool draped across the table like the French do in their cafes. Sure, the French usually do it with an actual placemat, but maybe people won't really realize these are actually dish towels. Maybe? I think they're very 'wedding reception held in a barn with BBQ"-looking.

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