Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful Things

I have ordered some beautiful things recently.
Here are a few!

These (above and below) are pins I've ordered from Papier Valise which is one of the best online stores (or any store, really) that I've come across in a long time. She's in Canada (which is always nice because of the exchange rate!) and she stocks the coolest stuff in her store. I made my second order from her today!
I ordered the pins so that our guests could have their own flowers and neat pins to go along with them. We're going to put out a bowl of single blooms for people to pin to their dresses/shirts/clothing item and I thought these pins were beautiful and perfect for it. I just hope that I've ordered enough!

Here's another item I've purchased from Papier Valise- blue baker's twine. I haven't entirely decided on how I want to incorporate it into the wedding, but I know that it will definitely be there in one form or another! I've also found a store online which sells it in green, which makes it perfect!

I've been a bit obsessed with this doily idea I've been turning over in my mind... It seems as though tonight I have found the perfect stamps to go with them too! Finding a large set of stamps with letters, numbers, and the "&" sign has proved harder than I had originally thought, but I think I've finally found them:
They're not from Papier Valise, but from Ornamentea. The stamps are magnetic, and the set comes with the magnetic block too. I've seen other sets of these in other places on the web, but none of them were for this great of price and with the magnetic block too. I plan on ordering these soon!

The two last things I'm going to post about are not really wedding related, but are so neat I feel the need to share them anyhow. Firstly, I've set out acquiring the goodies necessary to make one of these:
... which I just realized isn't very clear in the small picture, but if you click on it you can see the terrarium more clearly, found via Craftzine (Mason Jar Terrarium). I set out buying the necessary items (not really necessary but cute as hell!) on Bake it Pretty. I bought the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs set, the Flamingos, Deer, and a variety of the flower sets. I'm playing with the idea of not only making terrariums, but also making mini snow globes from baby food jars or other small jars. Like I said, not really linked to the wedding, but cool nonetheless!

Lastly... on Friday once I am finished with my finals I am going to bake one of these with Andy and Jackie (my maid of honor!):
I'll try remember to take some pictures and post them! Also, recipe and photos found here: Rainbow Cake!

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