Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New table and dress shopping

Andy and I have a new table for the living room now. We're using it to work on all of the crafty elements for the wedding. Someone in our apartment building was selling it for $35 with the three chairs! Great deal. It's also perfect because it is now located in an area of the room which was empty and wasn't being used for anything. I had told Andy many times before that "I never walk to that area of the room, ever." But now I do! I'll post pictures on here soon.

We also received our first wedding gift which was very exciting. Our great family friend Lynn made a granny square blanket for us and the amount of time she put into making it is amazing. All of the edges are scalloped and the crocheting is perfect on it. I get impatient just knitting scarves, so I have an amazing amount of appreciation for the work she did! The colors she picked are perfect for our apartment, and I've taken pictures of it so I'll be sure to post ones on here soon!

I went dress shopping on Monday. My mom and I went to David's Bridal and I realized just how hard it is going to be to find the dress I'm looking for. I'm going with my mom and sister again on Sunday, so hopefully we'll have better luck then! Right now I'm frustrated just thinking about how much time it is going to take to find the right dress for me.

Okay well I guess this is more of a post that I'm going to need to update later with photos!

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