Saturday, March 7, 2009

Time for a new post!

I thought that it might be time for a new post. I'm almost into finals week and once I'm done with finals I'm going to try to get into the habit of updating almost every day. I'm also going to try to get Andy to participate a little...

Yesterday Andy and I went shopping for a few things. We picked up biodegradable paper plates and silverware at a party store in Woodinville, and then Andy found a white shirt to go with his suit at Nordstroms Rack. After a quick stop at a Cost Plus we headed to the thrift stores where we made the majority of our finds. We've discovered that it will save us $13 in rentals if we hand-pick some of our favorite coffee cups rather than renting them for .76 each. At two of our favorite thrift stores we were able to find 30 of the 50 cups, and all of them were either .49 or .50 each. We figure that we could let people take them home with them at the end as a sort of favor, and that whichever ones are left we'll just redonate to the stores.

At Cost Plus they had the favors that Andy and I were thinking about getting for people. We had cut them out and switched to something else because of the cost, but after seeing them at the store yesterday firsthand we might change our minds. I don't want to let everyone know on here what the favors are since most of you will be in attendance!

I still haven't shopped for a wedding dress of any sort. I'm not horrendously worried about it. I know that for some people the dress is their main concern, but I don't think that my dress is going to be the thing that enables everyone to have a good time, like the coffee and favors will. :P Eventually I'll try something on and maybe even buy it! I think I found the shoes I want to wear with my dress though. They were $30 at the Rack yesterday and they're just simple flats. That's one thing out of the way.

The bridesmaid's gifts are being made! I found them on etsy and I'm working with one of the sellers on custom-making their gifts. I was glad I found this particular seller since her items are almost exactly what I was looking for! She's going to send me photos soon of the finalized products, and I'm really excited for that.

Here's a picture of the barn! I've been a bit slow on uploading it, but here it is:

I didn't take it, someone on flickr did. There are only around 3 photos of the actual barn when one searches for "Tolt Barn" on flickr, and this was the first one that came up! I also found a video someone uploaded to YouTube that shows what the inside of the barn looks like. It's much smaller than I remember it being from when I was there!

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  1. The barn looks the a great venue, I can't wait to see it in person!